Restock School Supplies with Yoobi

Yoobi Pencil Case

Last month, I attended Brit + Co’s Re:Make conference here in San Francisco. It was a day spent exploring technology, networking and soaking up tons of creative inspiration. I enjoyed hearing Brit’s take on the maker movement, which has now grown into over a billion dollar market—hello Etsy! It’s true, people have grown bored with mass market products and no longer want to have all the same stuff. Remember when you had to have the same exact Abecrombie sweatshirt that at least ten other kids in your class had? Now we live in a culture where unique and hand-crafted reign supreme.

It was also at Re:Make that I had the chance to meet the folks behind Yoobi. Heard of them? They’ve taken school supplies to a new and cool “feel good” level. (more…)

Three Kids, One Room

Small Space for Three Kids

So you’ve considered bunking your two kids together, but you’re worried the space just isn’t quite big enough? What if we told you that we made it happen in a one bedroom NYC apartment with THREE kids! Surely there are some tips we can all take from this small space makeover on how to make the most of the space you have. (more…)

Black and White Boy’s Room

Black and White Boy's Room

We are big fans of black and white in children’s rooms. Kids’ toys and things are naturally very colorful and busy. Neutralizing the room with the color palette allows you to get away with doing a lot of fun things without overwhelming the space. Look at all the patterns in this space that coexist happily because of the shared black and white palette. Designers SISSY+MARLEY really knocked it out of the park! (more…)

DIY Headboards

Beach Preppy Boy's Room

People DIY for all sorts of reasons—you save money, you want something unique or you just love a great project. We support all of the above! A lot of parents are trying their hand at DIY headboards because, as Rebecca shared in her DIY headboard tutorial, it can be a pretty simple project depending on how ambitious your design is.

We’re loving some of the ideas that have been sprouting up in the Project Junior gallery. (more…)

Mom, It’s Booster Seat Time! + Britax Giveaway

Britax Pinnacle Booster Seat

The Ginocchio family hit another milestone. Our youngest, four-and-a-half-year-old Sloane, delivered a message clear and proud, “Mom, I’m too big for my car seat. I want a big girl booster!” I couldn’t really argue with her. After all, she was growing fast, and it was getting more and more difficult to get her car seat buckles clicked.

I realized in that moment that she had transformed from my sweet baby girl into an active and energetic big kid. Was my initial resistance to abandon her trusty car seat actually my way of trying to slow down time? (more…)

Boy’s Nautical Bedroom

Nautical Boy's Room

We’re big fans of Honey & Fitz, and we were so excited to see her son’s new nautical bedroom in our gallery. Her subtle use of the theme gives cohesion to the room without screaming nautical. The elements blend beautifully, and we are in love with the window treatment and bed placement in that bay window. (more…)

Adventures of Hudson Birthday Party

Huck Finn Birthday Party

What kind of a party do you throw for a boy who loves exploring over pushing cars, digging in mud over building with Legos? Well, you go back to the quintessential boy adventurers for inspiration, of course, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Jenny Keller, of Jenny Cookies, threw an amazing birthday party for her six-year-old son, Hudson, celebrating his love for the outdoors and adventure. What better setting for their Adventures of Hudson birthday party than their five acre farm! (more…)

Toys Living Large

Race Car Photograph Canvas Art

When we spotted this toy artwork collection from Avalisa, we knew they’d be a big hit with kids. Who wouldn’t want to see their toys living large? Put any one of these canvases on your child’s wall, and you better believe you’ll inspire a whole lot of “vrrrooms.” (more…)

Grey House Harbor’s DIY-Infused Girl’s Room

Ombre Scalloped Accent Wall

Boy are Hayley’s kids lucky to have her for a mom. Not only is she a lovely person, she is a DIY genius! We are so proud to have her contributing over on Project Nursery. Take a look at this beautiful room she created for her five-year-old daughter chock-full of DIY projects that make this a unique and inspiring space for her daughter’s own creative endeavors (check out that painting!). (more…)