Why Splurge on Wallpaper When You Can Fake It?

Starburst Wall Decals

No one can deny the bold effect that wallpaper can add to a space, but let’s be honest, not everyone wants to mess with the stuff. Crafty DIY enthusiasts have been stenciling their way to achieve a wallpaper look without the expense and inherent trickiness of wallpaper. But stenciling takes patience and a whole lot of time, so what’s an even easier solution? Decals! Placed strategically—with measuring or without—you can make a real splash on your child’s walls with minimal effort. (more…)

Stars and Hearts: A Boy and Girl Shared Room Makeover

Gray & Sloane's Design Reveal

Who doesn’t smile when their Pottery Barn Kids catalog lands in the mailbox?  There is something so fun about flipping through the pages with a cup of coffee in hand, daydreaming about what type of magical space could exist for the kids. Well folks, I made that daydream a reality! You can too, by entering to win a Room Makeover Giveaway from Pottery Barn Kids. (more…)

Naptime with Theo and Beau

Theo and Beau

Last year, we teamed up with Jessica Shyba, of Momma’s Gone City, to show off two great room makeovers for her beautiful children. Her daughter moved into her own space for the first time. (more…)

Design Challenge: Shared Room for Brother and Sister

Shared Room for Brother and Sister

My youngest two, Gray, age seven, and Sloane, age four, share a bedroom. He’s a little dude, into sports and Minecraft, and she’s all princess, obsessed with anything sparkly and pink. You’d think that as the co-founder of a children’s design site, a shared space would be no big deal. Pulling off a stylish and functional room ideal for a brother and sister would be a breeze, right? I’m here to say, it isn’t—even for the experts. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Healthy Valentines Day Treats Dessert Table

Looking for an excuse to throw a party? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you will surely get your kids in the spirit with these ideas. We think it makes a sweet theme for a February birthday as well. Check out these great Valentine’s Day parties from our readers in the gallery. (more…)

Printable Valentines Roundup

Printable Valentines

Gone are the days of having to rely on the cardboard boxes of valentines from the drug store. These days there are so many creative people who are sharing their wealth of talent by creating adorable valentines that are easy to put together at home. (more…)

Tips for a Great Slumber Party

Slumber Party Ideas

Winter birthdays can sometimes be hard because they almost always need to be held indoors. We thought it’d be fun to share some inspiration for hosting the most perfectly cozy birthday celebration—here are our fun slumber party ideas!