DIY: Lego Tissue Box Holder

DIY Lego Tissue Box

Recently my kids have become quite the Lego enthusiasts, and it got me thinking back to my Lego days. When I was about fourteen (yes, fourteen) and my Lego playing days were over, I decided to put those old blocks to use and created a Lego tissue box holder for my recently made over bedroom. I just had my parents dig it out of my childhood closet, dusted it off and added it to my son’s nightstand. (more…)

Geometry on the Walls

Triangle Decals in Boy's Room

It’s fun to make a big, graphic statement in your kids’ rooms to match the fun energy that is innate within their personalities. We’ve been seeing a lot of shapes up on the walls as a bold accent—nothing like a little geometry on the walls! The rooms below achieved the look using either decals, wallpaper or a stencil. (more…)

Video: Washi Tape on the Walls

Washi Tape Playroom

Washi tape was—and still is—a big trend in DIY and crafting, but did you ever think to put it up on the walls? I’m not talking  a single strip to hold up a child’s drawing, but a beautiful graphic design that looks like custom wallpaper? This designer did just that in a playroom, and the results are wonderful. Take a look in our room tour below. (more…)

Video: Stack & Stick Blocks

Stack and Stick Blocks

Looking for a classic toy that will get your kids using their brains and creativity? Go back to the basics with Stack & Stick Blocks.  They will entertain your kids and keep them away from the television. Watch Pam and Melisa as they review the blocks on on Project Junior’s YouTube Channel. (more…)

Colorful Lunch Totes and Bags by Milkdot

Milkdot Lunch Bags

When we were at ABC Kids Expo 2014 last week, we couldn’t help but notice the colorful display from Milkdot. While we know that  you have already completed your back-to-school shopping, we would like to suggest Milkdot as an option for your next lunch bag. I mean, how cute are these designs? (more…)

Pack Lunch Right with Munchkin

Munchkin Sandwich Cutters

In my opinion, lunch is the most important meal of the day. It fuels our kids through the second half of the day when they are running low on energy and gives them the brain power they need to absorb their ABCs and 123s. Growing up, I was a victim of the brown bag lunch—you know the one! So now, as my daughter starts school, I’ve vowed to mix it up a little bit.  We’ve teamed up with our friends at Munchkin for some useful and fun tips on how to bring a little magic to lunchtime. (more…)

Label It with Mabel’s Labels

Mabel's Labels

Have your kids ever found themselves puzzled over identical clothes, lunch boxes or school supplies?  Let’s face it, don’t all pencil boxes and jeans jackets look the same?  This school year,  Mabel’s Labels is taking the guesswork out of knowing whose is whose and letting your kids focus on the important things—school! (more…)