Frozen Birthday Party: Elsa’s Tea Party

Disney Princess Party

I love to throw a fun birthday party as much as the next girl, so when my five-year-old daughter, Marin, requested a Frozen birthday party, I got right to work. Since her birthday falls at the end of October, I usually try to coordinate the theme of her party with her Halloween costume. Dressing up for your party makes it just a bit more fun!

Marin asked me to make her an Elsa costume for Halloween, so I was going to get as much use out of it as possible. I decided to throw a Frozen tea party so all of her friends could dress up as their favorite Disney princess too.


Foodstirs Dreidel Cookie Kit

Foodstirs Dreidel Cookie Kit

Chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of extra time in the kitchen this holiday season cooking up tons of treats for festive meals.  I love setting aside special time to bake and cook with the kids. It’s a great opportunity to teach them a few cooking techniques, and it’s quality (electronic free!) bonding time.

This year, we tried out Foodstirs. You may have seen them over on the Project Nursery blog in our Holiday Gift Guide, but in a nutshell, Foodstirs offers a convenient way to be creative in the kitchen with your kids . Everything arrives at your door ready to go, in one box. Gotta love that!


The Birthday Poster

birthday poster

Have you seen those birthday chalkboards everyone’s been making to mark their children’s milestones for the year? What a fun way to celebrate your child and document their stats and accomplishments! Sticky Bellies has introduced a new product, The Birthday Poster, that takes the effort out of it yet still let’s you customize something special for your child. (more…)

Making Thanksgiving Fun for Kids!

Thanksgiving Day Craft

Okay, maybe it was just me, but as a kid, I remember Thanksgiving being dull. It didn’t help that I was a super picky eater who did not enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving meal (don’t worry, I’ve since come to my senses!). We have a bunch of fun ideas for making Thanksgiving fun for kids if any of your kids tend to find the holiday a little boring. (more…)

Hanna Andersson Hanna Home Collection

Hanna Andersson Home Collection

We’ve always loved Hanna Andersson’s children’s clothing—their collections are always filled with beautiful pieces that you’ll want to pass down from child to child. We are so excited that they are jumping into the home decor world to lend their impeccable taste to making your child’s space just as lovely with the Hanna Home collection. Here’s a taste of the new collection below. (more…)

Organize with Urbio + Giveaway

Urbio Happy Family

I was always a crafty kind of kid, and I’d really like to instill the same love of making things in my kids. Recently, I realized we just weren’t doing enough of the crafty stuff I loved as a child. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that all of their art supplies were packed up in a tub, on a shelf too high for them to reach, you think?

I wanted a solution that put things at their fingertips, ready to be used at a moment’s notice but still keep everything fairly neat. Enter Urbio, the cool magnetic storage system that can be used for nearly everything you can think of—from art supplies to plants! (more…)

Family Favorite: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Turkey Chili

Sweet Potato Turkey Chili Recipe

One thing I love about the winter season is that I can adjust our family meals towards more hearty and homestyle recipes (the watermelon and feta salad is officially retired until next summer!). I’m a huge one-pot meal gal, and I never grow tired of chili. My newest, surefire and family-favorite chili recipe is this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili. (more…)

Restock School Supplies with Yoobi

Yoobi Pencil Case

Last month, I attended Brit + Co’s Re:Make conference here in San Francisco. It was a day spent exploring technology, networking and soaking up tons of creative inspiration. I enjoyed hearing Brit’s take on the maker movement, which has now grown into over a billion dollar market—hello Etsy! It’s true, people have grown bored with mass market products and no longer want to have all the same stuff. Remember when you had to have the same exact Abecrombie sweatshirt that at least ten other kids in your class had? Now we live in a culture where unique and hand-crafted reign supreme.

It was also at Re:Make that I had the chance to meet the folks behind Yoobi. Heard of them? They’ve taken school supplies to a new and cool “feel good” level. (more…)

Three Kids, One Room

Small Space for Three Kids

So you’ve considered bunking your two kids together, but you’re worried the space just isn’t quite big enough? What if we told you that we made it happen in a one bedroom NYC apartment with THREE kids! Surely there are some tips we can all take from this small space makeover on how to make the most of the space you have. (more…)

Black and White Boy’s Room

Black and White Boy's Room

We are big fans of black and white in children’s rooms. Kids’ toys and things are naturally very colorful and busy. Neutralizing the room with the color palette allows you to get away with doing a lot of fun things without overwhelming the space. Look at all the patterns in this space that coexist happily because of the shared black and white palette. Designers SISSY+MARLEY really knocked it out of the park! (more…)