About Us

Is a well-designed life with kids possible? Yes! Are we implying that our children’s bedrooms are showroom-ready at a moment’s notice? Or that our preschoolers’ toys haven’t blown up the living room? No way.

Our mission is to offer new ideas and solutions to make the entire family a whole lot more design-savvy even with a household of energetic tots to growing tweens. While we will always stay true to our love of decorating, we look forward to utilizing our community generated gallery as a platform to share craft projects, recipes for kids, travel tips and more.

As we watch our own children grow out of their cribs and hop into twin beds, we figured it was only appropriate to make this transition alongside our long time Project Nursery supporters. This is why we proudly introduce the next edition—Project Junior.

Whether this is your first time learning about us or you have been following along since your first pregnancy, we encourage you to join in on the decorating fun, bond over the work and reward that is parenting, and share your own successes by uploading your videos, designs and ideas directly to our always-inspiring Project Gallery.

Here’s to cool kids and great design!

xo, Melisa & Pam