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Project Junior Instagram

So Project Junior has been hanging with our sister site Project Nursery on Instagram, but we decided that with all the amazing big kid design we’ve been sharing, it’s time for Project Junior to have an account all of its own. So follow us on Instagram to see what we’ve been up to and for lots of children’s design eye candy! (more…)

Making Hats and Scarves Harder to Lose

Personalized Hat and Scarf

Do you send your kids off to school in the cold weather with your fingers crossed that their hats, mittens and scarves will return home with them? It’s gotten to the point where I have home gloves (toasty and waterproof) and school gloves (cheap as I can find them) for my kids because, even with the most responsible kids, cold weather gear is just easy to lose. (more…)

Stylish Kicks You Have to See!

Rack Room Shoes

The shoe struggle in the Saulsbury home is real! Unfortunately, I have blessed both my children with the curse of extra wide feet. It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and now the battle continues with my kids.  Not to mention, Addison is a toe walker, so all shoes that aren’t tied down to her feet slip off and are mysteriously destroyed.  (more…)

Dress in Stars and Stripes

Fourth of July Kids Clothes

Will your kids be wearing red, white and blue this weekend? We love an excuse to get festive! Here are a few cute pieces we’ve scoped out that you still have time to pick up before the Fourth of July weekend. Go ahead, watch those fireworks in style!


Wear Your Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies Kids Clothing

Everyone knows that getting your kids to eat their healthy servings of fruits and veggies can sometimes be tricky. Maybe we can encourage a love of the good stuff by having them wear their fruits and veggies? Hey, it’s worth trying, and they sure will look cute in these fruit and veggies kids clothing! (more…)

Restock School Supplies with Yoobi

Yoobi Pencil Case

Last month, I attended Brit + Co’s Re:Make conference here in San Francisco. It was a day spent exploring technology, networking and soaking up tons of creative inspiration. I enjoyed hearing Brit’s take on the maker movement, which has now grown into over a billion dollar market—hello Etsy! It’s true, people have grown bored with mass market products and no longer want to have all the same stuff. Remember when you had to have the same exact Abecrombie sweatshirt that at least ten other kids in your class had? Now we live in a culture where unique and hand-crafted reign supreme.

It was also at Re:Make that I had the chance to meet the folks behind Yoobi. Heard of them? They’ve taken school supplies to a new and cool “feel good” level. (more…)

Giveaway: Tea Collection Clothing

Tea Collection Children's Clothing

Your kids are probably starting to develop their own preferences and style sense when it comes to the clothes they wear. Why not stock their closets full of high-quality, great-looking clothing so that no matter what outfit they put together, you are sure to approve. The Tea Collection is an amazing source for unique children’s clothing—from baby to big kid—and we’re giving away one 5- or 6-piece wardrobe set to one lucky Project Junior reader. (more…)

Back to School Backpack Roundup

Pottery Barn Kids Butterfly Kids Backpack

With back-to-school on my mind, I’ve been searching for the right backpack for each of my three kids. The thing is, I actually like different sizes and configurations for each child, and it’s really important to find the right fit for each one. Listen, I’ve gone through enough cheapos to know that construction really does matter, and it’s worth spending a little extra. (more…)

Myself Belts

Have you heard of Myself Belts?  The concept is simple—a belt that is easy for any kid to use, from toddler to teenager. We’ve been using these belts on our own children, so we have firsthand experience with the ease and style of this brand.  (more…)